Project Title: Draughts / Checkers Challenge, Android App Version1.0.2
Project Status: Completed, Download from Google play
Project Overview: The final project for my recently completed java programming course. The Draugnt Game is a 8x8 board and the user is to play against the computer. The Game also has sound for play back when a piece is killed/captured and also when a piece is crown as a king

Project Title: Catholic Quiz, Android App Version 1.0.1
Project Status:Completed, Download from Google play
Project Overview: A Quiz App for Catholics and it has two sections, one for Children and the other section for Adults. The final score and the correct answers are displayed at completion of the quiz. The users can click to claim their award at completion, and an award is then displayed to the user base on his/her final score.

Project Title: Student Record Management System
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: The newest security I implemented is encrypting databases values that may be visible to users. I also use MySQLI prepare statement for the database query and also filtering user input. The System is for schools after grade 12. The System can generate reports such as Students Transcript, graduate Students Information and Scores, Payment Report per batch of Students and payment report per individual Student.

Project Title: GamMarket
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: Gammerket is the first of its kind in The Gambia. The purpose of the website is enable Gambians share a single platform/website where we can post Products and browse products on sale. The website will also enable companies and especially individuals selling Products to be able to reach out to greater numbers of people. The site is developed using responsive web design, to fit the size of smaller device like Tablets and Smart phones.

Project Title: Farmers Profile Database
Project Status: Completed but not available for viewing
Project Overview: This Information System has been developed for Concern Universal. The database System record all Farms and Farmers working on each Farm. At the end of every harvest NGO Users will go to each Farm and take snapshot for each Farmer. The Snapshot include information about harvest Crops and the buyers of each Crop. The Snapshot also include information about Farmers Training, source of Income, Saving, Loans e.t.c. The System also has an Advance Search to generate reports base on the Information recorded in System.

Project Title: Butchery Database Management System
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: This Software is for a butchery shop that normally purchase different kind of meat from various Suppliers and in turn process the meat and sell it to Restaurants. The Database System also keep track of payment record of both Suppliers and Customers/Buyers. The Application is also responsive.

Project Title: Website for Banjul Diocese
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: This Website has been developed with the latest technology for web application, call "Responsive Web Design". Responsive as the name implies, it will respond (shrink) to fit the size of the device (e.g Smart Phone, Tablet, etc) that is been used to access the Website. The website also has an event management Calendar to Log Events that will be hapening in the Diocese. A News aggregator is also embeded to auto generate latest top News from the Vatican Website.

Project Title: LinkUs
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: This System is a web base Application that I Developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. The aim and objective of LinkUs is to Link a group of people or community that share a common goal. Such a group could be an organisation, institute, or business entity that have branches at different geographical locations. This System support Five difference International languages. LinkUs offers the following:-
  • A Client Portal: This will enable a group of people share documents on-line.
  • Social interaction: The System also offers a platform for members to interact with each other like in social media
  • Event management Calendar: To enable members log events that will be happing. An automated reminder will be sent to all members prior each event.

Project Title: Blood Donor Notifications System
Project Status: Completed Click here
Project Overview: This System is a web base Application that I Developed using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. This Application was developed during the Random Hackers of Kindness (RHOK) held in The Gambia, 15 and 16 June 2013. Click link ( ) to see the problem definition. After the Installation process, the Administrator can then logging to create users who will then logging to query the database. The main component of the System is the notification module that will enable users of the system to trigger an email and SMS alert to registered donors when a patient is in need of blood at a particular Hospital. The alert is programmed in such a way that the notification will only be sent to donors with the same blood group and their donation period is due, considering the fact that Women can only donate blood after the last six months they donated blood and also men after three months. Users of the System can also register or add new donors, edit the record of donors and also execute a live search for donors on the System. The system also does a daily check for donors whom their donation period is due and will send an automated email and SMS alert to inform them that their donation period is due.